Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Seems so long since I've had anything to say. I have much to say to many people . Will they or do they read this? Hmm not sure . Must send out info about it . Add that to list.

Quiltfest is here downtown. It is a nice display of local quilts and some from other states. An inspiring bit of color. I've pictures ofcourse but not sure how to get them here. Must add that to the list.

what is the cost of stamps ? hmm not sure . what is that smell? Something from the fridge , yukkk, thought it was a bowl of something, must look tomorrow.

I wonder if the protesters will be at work tomorrow. Oh i didn't tell you . Our clinic was picked to be the spot for 40 for life to protest in front of . Well sorta in front of . Today was to be the first day but they did not show up. I was all worked up for nothing.

On the knitting front. I scored two balls of Debbi Bliss from Discounted Yarn Girls , the yarn that goes with the scarf she has a pattern for in her new magazine. I got needles too, the shipping only went up a 1$.

I finished one Cookie A monkey sock. I am eager to get the other one done.
I wore my happy socks tonight They are so soft, they stretched some though.

A friend brought home a kitten the other day, it did not make it back from the vets office as they planned. Very sad. I have always had a cat , they have not had good luck at all with any that have crossed their path. My friend asked me, should she get another one ? I told her ,"If it makes your heart smile, get another one." Cats have a touch me kind of love that yarn has but they purr.

Wow I will be back tomorrow. I really needed this.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

new job opprotunity

I am so excited and nervous at the same time . I start an EMS position with a friend at a motorcross track. I can't find a white bra which is need atire for tomorrow. NO way in hell am I going to wall mart on 103 tonight for one.

I will have to go to 220 to get one though. All the new ones I just bought , have spots on them!

I just stepped on the cat . Ofcourse he got me with claws and teeth to let me know what I just did to him. I am now worried about him. I am hoping I did not just put him into a slow death .

I have had such an awesome day today. Work went well. I caught a low blood pressure in time , had great food at my friend Chirs house and many laughs . Also got some sock done .