Friday, April 30, 2010

No Dress

I have no dress at the moment. I am sad . I will not be a part of Spencers wedding tomorrow. I walked three miles, paid my last car payment and had an efficient day at work. Good huh ? Should be okay with the minor flaw of not being beautiful side piece for Spencer . Well it sucks. My lack of planning ,of paying early on the dress. I want out of this hole i'm in in my life . I know stop digging .

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wedding and procrastination

I have really messed up . By not ordering my brides maid dress as early as I could have , I might not be in Spencers wedding. It's times like this I see how much of a grown up I am not . That makes me sad.
On a happy note I was amazed at the variety of bras wall-mart on 220 has . I've never seen so many . animal print , cartoon print , lace , solid , lace with matching panties !
If my dress gets here tomorrow, I will be heading back to 220 for some of the goodies I saw tonight , then to 103 for the slip the scanner said they had hide the garter I'm eager to wear.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

10 inchs - really ?

I was going on along , singing a song , knitting away between my tasks at work. Yes , it was a sorta slow day, all my stuff was done honest ..... Okay back to my rant. There was a knot . Not usually a problem , except for the 10 inches of beads before the knot . What to do? Well at least these green beads fit on the yarn. Spencer said there is such a thing as a bead reamer for those naughty beads ! Who knew ? and why didn't they tell me . Oh ya she did tell me tonight when she heard about the naughty ones.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Green beads

Why is it that the green beads , don't have the same size holes as the other beads? I am putting pink, light pink , yellow and green beads on my pink yarn . For the pink top, by Kristin Omadahl, Lacy Ribbed Top from Creative Knitting July 2009. I have a handful of green ones that are going into something else .
I am loving this weather we are having. I walked two miles today . Realized I misplaced my debit card , reporting it to the bank girl, I had her laughing cause I don't have any checks either ! What a novel way to save money ....

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Today is a cloudy day . Rain sure to come . The back yard is actually not in need of mowing but there are several holes to fill . Later I get to go to my first Roller Derby event. It is Spencer's bachlorette party. Knit Kim and I have a few surprises for her . I'll post the sayings tomorrow. I can't post any pictures , the Gateway computer I have can only update to service pack two with windows. Somehow I downloaded a counterfeit update ! It's not my fault someone put out there xp pro !
Funny how you start to expect all your keyboards to have the same features , like holding the key down and expecting it to go capital , like it does on your phone.
It is time for that second cup of coffee , so days just start out that way. Pandora is so awesome.
Kimber gave me my socks yesterday , they are so lovely. Well I'm off to figure out what to where with my special t-shirt ! I would love to have running shorts with the white boarder and stripe knee high socks but I can't find Fergie's phone number !

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Its been far too long since I've had anything to say. Well I am back , very busy . More to come now that i remembered how to get here.