Sunday, November 30, 2008


Today was a good movie day. Or tv dvd day to be exact. Kristen and I watched bones for 6 hours ! It rained all day . I am working on a top down sweater . It is with Berroco hip hop yarn. I lvoe the colour and texture I am getting with this thick and thin yarn.

Friday, November 14, 2008

birthday aftermath

What a nice day. I got out of going to work by taking Kristen to breakfast and a medical appt. A nap followed. Dinner at Red Lobster and trip to mall.
No to a teenager about lip gloss really means , sure try the colour if you want !

My friend Nikki and her niece Makala made me a very yummy looking cake. I was way to full from dinner to even cut into it. It has whip cream icing ,which is my favorite !

Oh lets not forget the concert tickets I got , Black Crowes! I am so excited.
I get to celebrate at work today , party tonight and another get together with friends Saturday after work. Yummyness for me . Friends, food and music ,I am very happy.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nice day

I have spent a lot of time with my llama fiber . Asking myself why did I need to wash the whole bag ? I blame it on the coffee I drank or the domino sugar in it!

I have the entire bag drying on a sweater rack on top of screens , did ya have the vision of llama fiber hanging off the dowel rod ? hmm . is it the beer talking or the blues music in my head making thoughts move in sexy hip swaying ways.

I have room in my sewing/ knitting / fireplace room. It is very exciting to be able to move around and not trip over something.

I know I will be much happier with life being able to create on a daily basis.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Washing my Llama

Today was a good day to clean my sewing room. In there I found the bag of llama fiber my dad gave me. In my eagerness to keep up with the two pots of expresso coffee I made , into the tub the llama went ! YES the whole black garbage bag full! So far there have been 5 tubs of water and what was left of the dawn dish soap.

I find I am enjoying the cleaning process more then I would have imagined. Now the drying part? Not sure how fun that will be , then there will be the guard hair search.

I have gotten so much done in my sewing room. I still have three tables that have become flat storage containers but I am not done for today.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

life without Harley

Kristen is out with friends from school , they are all at the fair. I just got up from watching Hell Ride , a Q. T. film (i can't spell his name but I'm sure you can figure it out)
I went to check the door is unlocked, tears are so close to falling down my face. Harley died the day before Chris Fiber and I left for our first trip to SAFF. Harley in case you don't know was our black and white cat that I brought home one time when Dale was off in Penn for his nieces wedding. He was a very cool independent cat. Living inside and out of the house. I miss him coming to the door in the morning to come in or at night to be let out. I just plain miss him. I have friends now that can come over cause he is not here but will they ? Are they the kind to visit me ? Will they be a big enough part of my life to not get new furry love ? Or will wool fiber be my new love? with unnatural colours and shine that it didn't have when it was on foot .

I want to write everyday , walk the dogs , work diligently at my job ,yoga , keep my house straight and let loose the creative energies I have inside. The sacred six .

My birthday is coming up . My own personal new year. My chance to get it right.

I miss you Harley .

Monday, November 3, 2008

F%$*ing frogging

Why yes officer I have been frogging for the past hour !
I am doing Abrazo , from knitty. The simplest vest known to the knit kingdom .
But no can I get it right ? Somehow I got to 10inches when I only needed 8 but I was okay with that . The few extra inches might cover or keep me from having muffin top. But not having the cable go up as it should thats another story.
Somehow I fell off the cable wagon. So much for my enjoying Dale driving Tyler and I to Daytona and me happly not cleaning house but knitting in the back seat .
Did you know there is a Kholes next door to Publix at the 7-eleven exit we meet at to have Kristen go to her dads? Well there is and I got to shop.
Jeans size , are ya ready ? 16 not the for so long 18 ! wha hoo for me.
And a skirt , large not extra which has been the norm for too long. The walking is paying off.

I still have more frogging to do but am a little bit happier now that I have blogged. Chris Fiber asked me when I was gonna blog again. Well here I am.
This is gonna be on my list of every day things Ihave to do . I have decided all the have to do's are not gonna just be work some , in fact many are gonna be fun have to's on a daily basis.

10 days till my birthday.