Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Okay so I just looked to see how to post pictures, I need numbers . There are hmm maybe a hundred okay so fifty pictures already from my new camera but I'm not looking at everyone now . The wine I had during our movie , Rambo 4 , is begaining to affect brain to finger coordination. And no I am not ebaying, but I did go to discounted yarns then grab a bunch of patterns to see what goes bulky . I came up with a filrty skirt . Just up my alley. I can hear someone saying " whatcha gonna wear under it ? " At least I don't have to be concerned weather I wear a bra or not ! Hey it's cold, i've got on a sweater . It calls for bulky yarn and thick and thin yarn. I have so really cool think and thin, I am hoping the colours are somewhat cooridinating to what I have. Whew too many words.

It amazes me how good a man can look , with what ? A personal trainer , awsome healthy food and a big pay check. Any steriods in the mix or the other kind of bulking stuff men take? Nice too look at but sleeping next to all that hard muscle would get old . Maybe after a few hundred nites .......

Monday, May 26, 2008


How nice , everyone off and playing or cooking out . I get to drive to my dads with Kristen and good music or bad depending on what she plays . She is fighting some kind of cold , the good news is we found medicine from Dollar General for colds that is working. There is a day time portion and night time.

My diaganol top has been put on hold. The back is looking bigger then the front , need someone with knitting knowledge to help wiht it. Got dress done except for hem . This is the first time using a dress form , wow what a joy it is .

I am working on a felted bag , only to discover this am , the black that I am using on the bottom of bag is superwash. Luckily I am only four rows in.

Kristen's birthday party went well. The rain had occured earlier in the day , leaving the night cool. The cake was yummy and the kids sang with air from the balloons. She got some great classic books for her summer reading and odds and ends to make life enjoyable.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


does life ever turn out like you think it will ? Do you convince yourself the decisions you make are the right ones for your ego ? Where is that manual on raising kids , dealing with exhusbands and understanding molestation ?
Oh lets not forget the pot smoking . Not me mind you , my son. He can not seem to stop long enough to pass a pee test . So there is a warrent out for his arrest . He might miss his brothers wedding , and his own high school graduation. What a shame. Work ethic was something I thought surely my exhusband could pass onto his kids without fail. Well that didn't go over so well, as my son just got fired from working with his uncle, then his car got a bent rim and his cell phone went into a bucket of water!

Meanwhile the one time I am hoping Dale will be driving all nite , he is not. So here I sit at the computer telling my woes.

knit ya later

Monday, May 19, 2008


too tired to post anything good.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


What a busy month, with so many birthdays. I only have baked one cake though. I got a really cool cake pan, it is a big cupcake . I did one cake it only filled half the pan , so I doubled the chocolate recipe . HOW long does it take burnt cake smell to get out of ones house ? Yes there was so much cake batter it went to the floor of the oven to burn away. It truely smells like there was a fire in here ! It sure did taste good though. I put Chris's crack in the center of it and to connect the top to the cake. In case ewe don't know what Chris's crack is , it is Fluff and cream chesse blended in equal amounts to make something you make yourself sick in eating and in search of good stuff to dip in it.

I know how many ballons will fit into the back of my car 21 . I had to enlist the help of a small boy to get them in there . He had to take the balloons and pull them through the back of the car, climbing out the otherside closing door quickly . The wind was just like when you sweep the kitchen, you know when you open the back door to get all stuff out - the wind blows ! I am sure when I went into Party Superstore there was no wind to be found, not a leave swirling or a hair out of place. Not till I came out with 21 ballons . I'm sure I looked funny as I stood outside my car trying to figure out how to get them in the car.

The makers of Patron , also make Rum. Charles being of age , wanted Rum. With him Valentines chocolate is all about the box, so I put thought into how cool the bottle looked. It was the coolest , lets not even go there with it being the most expensive. My husband knows me oh so well to tell be before hand that that was how I was gonna buy it ! I tried to tell him I don't always buy good quality stuff that way .........

Everyone can pass on the movie The Belly of an Architect, I watched it with Chris Fiber , trust me on this you can miss it.

I just enjoyed a book on CD that is in the car , so I'll post about it tomorrow.

I gave in on not buying yarn till diagonal top done. I was on a really good sale though and I already have the pattern for it.

It is movie time , Numb, with Matthew Perry, A medicated love story.

knit ya later

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I took a nap today , listened to a nap podcast from Itunes. I had listened to it yesterday but did not feel that rested when the rooster crowed at the end of 20minutes. Not a good thing when you give it to your husband to nap with. His nap was too be way longer then 20 minutes. Today though I tried it again. It worked as it says it would, no more stress from the day , I was refreshed and very clear headed. Not sure if my slow day at work had anything to do with that or not. I only did 2 miles at work , with plenty of momentum to walk the dogs. I am getting so good at it , I can do a mile in just under 20 minutes. Thats with dogs peeing . I am trying something new. no buying yarn until I finish something . Yarn girls has alpaca on sale , such a good sale. I gotta go knit........

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

mothers day

OH my gosh . I was so impressed with the effort that Kristen put towards putting me on top of the world. Now it's Tuesday and I've hit the floor. Literally. I tripped over a stool. now my knee hurts and my right wrist feels like it wants to swell.
I was crushed with Kristen laughing at me as I was trying to get my shoe hooked. It has this little dam button that gives me a friggin fit to get in its hole. Oh why was I trying to put my shoe on in the car? Well I could not do the stitch shift with this heel on.
We just got back from group. I was emotional to say the very least. Sometimes she is the emotional one , not tonight it was all me.
A woman in our group , questioned why I was suing my ex- father-in- laws estate. She just could not see the point of going after money that way. She made it sound like I should do what ever it takes to provide that money for Kristen or she should have a good enough job to provide any future counseling she may need. That just brought up a whole heap of shit , that I guess I've been carring around for a long time. anyways , so when Kristen laughed at me trying ot get my shoe on , so we could give JR his birthday gifts , I got my feelingings hurt. Then top that off he was in bed . He is driving again, doing Ocala runs at night . Plus there was no cake ! Anyways , I feel better now. I told Kristen how it gets old sometimes , me being laughted at or feeling like I don't have my act together , as compared to others. Ya that compare to others shit will get you every time. I know I should not do that , but damit it happens.

I am hoping that naproxin and patron will keep me from hurting too bad and that I can do all the walking at work I need to without too much trouble.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

hmmm its saturday

work went well.
Dale is home , apologized but it was lame.
My dress for Charles/Chantel wedding is all cut out.
Thank ewe Chris Fiber for dress form. My body is really firm in blue !

I am ready for a new job. I have mastered the skills I was striving for at the clinic all except the phone / and window. I can totally without saying " wear whole underwear , loose pants and sneakers soooo many times a day or As soon as the doctor gets here we will call you back. " I guess before I go I could work on the birth control information part.

Baptist Beaches has the job I really want , Endo tech. 40 hours a week. weekends off.
I am working on my resume to get me noticed. (in a good way) .

stitchitpodcast is my top listen this week.

Patron with ..... tea..... diet coke ...... fruit juice the favorite drink for tonight.

Friday, May 9, 2008


What a day. I had an awsome day at work. It was very busy , I did so much by myself, lab , patient prep and patient recovery. Oh lets not forget the girl that need a total of 5 IV pushes and had two valuim on board !! A half hour of holding legs in place. I am gonna be sore tomorrow, no doubt about that.

Nice to come to home to a clean kitchen, wish I could have done it but Kristen did. Not for me mind you but for Dale . He is planning on being home tomorrow. Big thrill that ought to be.

Movie nite was in St. Augustine at the ampitheater. The chairs are just big enough ,with enough leg room that your knees are not in your chest but close.
We watched the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It still brings a few tears to my eyes!

My possum died today. I gave it a few days of peace before sumbcoming to the ground . At least I kept it from the ants before it took it's last breath.

I am so ready for bed. I didn't get to knit at all today. Must make up that this weekend.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


I am really sad. Dale told me I was a fuck up after he had already blasted me for 20 minutes bout something I did with money , that was not exactly per his instructions. Even after I got the money out of the bank. It has to do with mother's day. Money for Kristen to have. I told her to keep , that I didn't want anything to do with the money and not to buy me anything. He has no idea how deep his words hurt me. As I write this I think of Chris Fiber , teaching her son about , dam I know what the words are but not the word for them. Like using He insted of Dale. What is that ? Anyways i'm tired of being so sad. Sad enough to watch P. S. I Love You, again. No tears this time . We all just love the music and the shoes. Ya the men aren't bad either. How great it would be to have an agrument with a man and have him understand how the argument goes . You have to see the movie to get this one. I'm not giving anymore details on that , Robbie might want to see it.

I know i'm not a fuck up . I'm just not as together as I want to be. I really want to be more together. I'm gonna go cry now. I just brought on my own tears.

10,000 steps

I am attempting to walk 10,000 steps a day , someone came up with this being a good amount for ones health and well being. Well I pull tendons in my feet doing this all at one time or doing three miles in my neighborhood after a day at work. Yesterday there was no neighborhood walking needed. It was so friggin busy I did it all just at work.
This morning my legs feel like I did some kind of marathon and top that off with Kristen needing to be at school at , are ya ready ? 6:30 AM to help with lab stuff !

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

making friends

I went to my friend Corinna's house today. She is someone with an amazing use with words, energetic knitter and very family involved. It was our first time knitting at her house and movie watching. Well let me tell you , the only other friend i've cried with is Andrea! P.S. I love you. A real chick flick , get your tissues and be ready to love your man with wild abandon when you see him!!

I am so tired of knitting raw silk . Does that mean I am done ? Hell no. My arms are sore , I've been knitting nonstop . I am hoping it will get in the way of the elbow issues I have ......

Monday, May 5, 2008

lost in a black hole

Okay Kristen we are only gonna stay for a few hours. Well that turns into getting home at 10 pm with full bellies and felling like we have been on vacation. Yes I am talking about a visit it Chris Fibers house . It is the most fun one can have with clothes on and you don't have to spend a dime .
Life tip : Use a dry sheet with some water in a pan ,that has horrible hard stuff to get out of ,when you would rather knit then spend time scrubbing. Let this sit a bit , then just rinse out , stuff will just float off. I saw it with my own four eyes in a cast iron pan too.
We have so much fun that time just goes on by ........

Sunday, May 4, 2008

lazy sunday

It was a lazy day here . I did work on my diagonal shell, even took it with me on my walk of two of the dogs. Kristen kept teasing me , saying I was gonna fall. Good thing it is not wool , I would have felted it before my mile was up! I slept in my tent , in the back yard last night . I almost woke Kristen up to put it together . I must have spent 20 minutes on trying to get the poles to stay put and bend the way they should. I lvoe the sounds of the night creatures , minus the road noise. I wish I could put into words the sound I heard of some critter. It was so odd, a noise I'd never heard before. My back was a little stiff but didn't stay that way once I was up having coffee.
I have lowered my walking step goal to 5,000 and 7,000 feet from 10,000. I was hurting my left tendon in my foot. I figure in a month or so I can go for the 10 at least one day a week. No weight loss but my thighs are getting firmer. I have to work on the elbow issue before I can even complain about fat not moving out.
Saw the movie Savages , last night. It is a modern look at a brother and sister dealing with an aging dad. It was pretty acurate and had a good ending.
The dog gets wheels to run with .
Listened to Blue Dahlia , Nora Roberts , good but we have the abridged versions of the trilogy . We just put in request to Library Friend for the unabridged versions. I just hate knowing i'm missing parts of a story.
knit ya later

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Hello all , I've so much to say to so many people but not enough brain cells to remember who all of ya are. So here goes a blog of my thoughts random as the confetti thrown at a birthday party.The first is hmm well that thought is gone so we will go onto a confession and an haha moment. My raw silk top back is not the right size , but insted of ripping it all out , I will just start over with knitted part and undo it as I knit. I'm sure this is a tip out of an EZ book but since I have not read through all her books I have , I get the credit for this.The top is from Lacy Little Knits , Iris Schreier,Diagonal Lace Shell.Done in a raw silk from Yarn Girls , Discounted Brand Name Yarn.
I have a form to use for the dress for Charles' wedding in June. Since the wieght I would love to lose is most likely not gonna get lost , i'm gonna get started on it in a size that is a number not to be reveled! The dress is from a Simplicity pattern 3785 . Since I got the shoes and purse from TJMaxx today , I am eager to get the dress made, also I don't want to wait till the last minute.
I don't have any good sales to report on but would suggest you check out your local big lots , never know what they may have at a price you want.