Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I took a nap today , listened to a nap podcast from Itunes. I had listened to it yesterday but did not feel that rested when the rooster crowed at the end of 20minutes. Not a good thing when you give it to your husband to nap with. His nap was too be way longer then 20 minutes. Today though I tried it again. It worked as it says it would, no more stress from the day , I was refreshed and very clear headed. Not sure if my slow day at work had anything to do with that or not. I only did 2 miles at work , with plenty of momentum to walk the dogs. I am getting so good at it , I can do a mile in just under 20 minutes. Thats with dogs peeing . I am trying something new. no buying yarn until I finish something . Yarn girls has alpaca on sale , such a good sale. I gotta go knit........

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