Monday, May 26, 2008


How nice , everyone off and playing or cooking out . I get to drive to my dads with Kristen and good music or bad depending on what she plays . She is fighting some kind of cold , the good news is we found medicine from Dollar General for colds that is working. There is a day time portion and night time.

My diaganol top has been put on hold. The back is looking bigger then the front , need someone with knitting knowledge to help wiht it. Got dress done except for hem . This is the first time using a dress form , wow what a joy it is .

I am working on a felted bag , only to discover this am , the black that I am using on the bottom of bag is superwash. Luckily I am only four rows in.

Kristen's birthday party went well. The rain had occured earlier in the day , leaving the night cool. The cake was yummy and the kids sang with air from the balloons. She got some great classic books for her summer reading and odds and ends to make life enjoyable.

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