Saturday, May 10, 2008

hmmm its saturday

work went well.
Dale is home , apologized but it was lame.
My dress for Charles/Chantel wedding is all cut out.
Thank ewe Chris Fiber for dress form. My body is really firm in blue !

I am ready for a new job. I have mastered the skills I was striving for at the clinic all except the phone / and window. I can totally without saying " wear whole underwear , loose pants and sneakers soooo many times a day or As soon as the doctor gets here we will call you back. " I guess before I go I could work on the birth control information part.

Baptist Beaches has the job I really want , Endo tech. 40 hours a week. weekends off.
I am working on my resume to get me noticed. (in a good way) .

stitchitpodcast is my top listen this week.

Patron with ..... tea..... diet coke ...... fruit juice the favorite drink for tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there - Just checking in with your blog as you've given me the link - hope that's ok. ...the blue dress sounds beautiful...are there going to be pictures? I'm wishing you good luck for your "getting noticed CV".