Sunday, May 18, 2008


What a busy month, with so many birthdays. I only have baked one cake though. I got a really cool cake pan, it is a big cupcake . I did one cake it only filled half the pan , so I doubled the chocolate recipe . HOW long does it take burnt cake smell to get out of ones house ? Yes there was so much cake batter it went to the floor of the oven to burn away. It truely smells like there was a fire in here ! It sure did taste good though. I put Chris's crack in the center of it and to connect the top to the cake. In case ewe don't know what Chris's crack is , it is Fluff and cream chesse blended in equal amounts to make something you make yourself sick in eating and in search of good stuff to dip in it.

I know how many ballons will fit into the back of my car 21 . I had to enlist the help of a small boy to get them in there . He had to take the balloons and pull them through the back of the car, climbing out the otherside closing door quickly . The wind was just like when you sweep the kitchen, you know when you open the back door to get all stuff out - the wind blows ! I am sure when I went into Party Superstore there was no wind to be found, not a leave swirling or a hair out of place. Not till I came out with 21 ballons . I'm sure I looked funny as I stood outside my car trying to figure out how to get them in the car.

The makers of Patron , also make Rum. Charles being of age , wanted Rum. With him Valentines chocolate is all about the box, so I put thought into how cool the bottle looked. It was the coolest , lets not even go there with it being the most expensive. My husband knows me oh so well to tell be before hand that that was how I was gonna buy it ! I tried to tell him I don't always buy good quality stuff that way .........

Everyone can pass on the movie The Belly of an Architect, I watched it with Chris Fiber , trust me on this you can miss it.

I just enjoyed a book on CD that is in the car , so I'll post about it tomorrow.

I gave in on not buying yarn till diagonal top done. I was on a really good sale though and I already have the pattern for it.

It is movie time , Numb, with Matthew Perry, A medicated love story.

knit ya later

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