Tuesday, May 13, 2008

mothers day

OH my gosh . I was so impressed with the effort that Kristen put towards putting me on top of the world. Now it's Tuesday and I've hit the floor. Literally. I tripped over a stool. now my knee hurts and my right wrist feels like it wants to swell.
I was crushed with Kristen laughing at me as I was trying to get my shoe hooked. It has this little dam button that gives me a friggin fit to get in its hole. Oh why was I trying to put my shoe on in the car? Well I could not do the stitch shift with this heel on.
We just got back from group. I was emotional to say the very least. Sometimes she is the emotional one , not tonight it was all me.
A woman in our group , questioned why I was suing my ex- father-in- laws estate. She just could not see the point of going after money that way. She made it sound like I should do what ever it takes to provide that money for Kristen or she should have a good enough job to provide any future counseling she may need. That just brought up a whole heap of shit , that I guess I've been carring around for a long time. anyways , so when Kristen laughed at me trying ot get my shoe on , so we could give JR his birthday gifts , I got my feelingings hurt. Then top that off he was in bed . He is driving again, doing Ocala runs at night . Plus there was no cake ! Anyways , I feel better now. I told Kristen how it gets old sometimes , me being laughted at or feeling like I don't have my act together , as compared to others. Ya that compare to others shit will get you every time. I know I should not do that , but damit it happens.

I am hoping that naproxin and patron will keep me from hurting too bad and that I can do all the walking at work I need to without too much trouble.

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