Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Computer

Life is good .
I still have a job , no thats not it. Car is paid for , no that was last months . gee what is it too be happy about . hmmm what are my fingers trying to say?

Ahh yes thanks to my friends Ruthee and Chuck , I have a new computer with my own windows program. !!! wahoo better then swimming naked in the moonlint. Well no wait it's not better then that but real close.

So I have 104 podcasts to download and get the joy of clearing the ipod and preforming a ceremony !

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Mack went with me to get my car title. We walked. Yes the entire 5miles round trip . I have photos to post of him enjoying the puddles we pasted. Have caught my breath need to shower .

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So the dress arrives

The reasoning for the dress to have been late was blamed on the volcano ! Oh well. I made my own dress to where and celebrate the uniting of Jay and Spencer.That is the purse I made to go with my dress. The part of the dress pics that turned out was a wee bit short for posting . The top part without the skirt ....
This is the purse I made for Spencer to keep her girly stuff in for the wedding.
I got some knitting done on the pink top . This is the second time I am have been monogamous to my knitting.Am trying to get photo of the happy couple but computer not cooperating.Well i guess that picture comes up another time. The wedding was lovely. Lots of pictures showing up on face book. Even dancing to Saturday nite fever music. The day will stay with me for a long time , their love for eachother is so refreshing .