Monday, August 17, 2009

Marvalous Monday

I know silly me to think of it that way. It is my first day back to work in a week. I have been so lazy , just napping willy nilly and knitting . I have done my first 32 rows on the Hanami . The hardest part has been putting beads on . I think I could get by with a little bit bigger crotchet hook . I have been using dental floss in combo with hook to get bead on. I also have had to rub some wax on yarn to have bead slide.

Also I get to drive my car for the second time in a month ! Wha hoo. to pay out so much money for the thrill of my go green go cart !

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I need to write . Not writing means I'm not happy , I am in slug mode . The very sad part is I don't easily realize it , till i'm out of the mud of my head. So if you read me and i'm not writing tell me . that i read everyday or at least delete.

The latest news in my world. Where to start. My car ? My truck I gave back? My nose ? Not bending over so nose is lower then heart? Trying to figure out relationship with husband .

too much to write in one day. My car broke a month ago. Dale did not want to put anymore money into it , when I only owed 538 !!! I went with him on this picked out a red very cute 2000 blazer only to be so mad at Dale I could have moved out !
With only one payment made , the truck needs a new engine . Oh hell no . So with tears , yes tears , I asked the salesman for my car back.

Now there could be new set of tears as I find out my broke car needs new transmission. Which over the phone the mechanic thought would be a piece at a time fix. NOT . It needs new transmission. So now not only do I get to pay close to three times what I owed on my car I now get to pay for a transmission. My dad is lending me money for that. Problem solved . still living with Dale for a bit longer.

My nose . I'm a Florida born and all my life lived girl. Well the bad part of the sun has settled more then once on my face esp my nose. Very bad cells grew, basil carcinoma to be precise. I did not move on getting this checked for at least a year. Shame on me . But not so late that I have crater in nose , cause today it looks pretty good. I had the area removed yesterday at Parkside Surgery Center in Riverside. The treatment was so good. I even have plans to teach a nurse to knit.

Hey that could be a new group in town.

On the knitting front , I have a shawl I want to start but have to make at tote bag for it first.

My silk top from artfibers that is coming along so great. I am so thrilled with it. It was bought cause I did not believe the price of the kit , so I had to buy it .

Now Kristen wants gray yarn to do a shrug out of .

On a finale note sleeping on the couch when not mad at Dale is not much fun.