Sunday, January 23, 2011


Let me first start with I did not flash anybody , we had a designated driver and no boys were harmed. I am down in Fellsmere , Countyline is a country bar where even the ugly girls and boys can dance. And the fashion statements are very camouflage. I had no idea the zip up thing Dale wears could be worn to the bar with a blue and white knitted hat with a pompom on it!

It was amazing to see good ole boys in Wrangler jeans , cowboy hats and plaid shirts line dance so very well. It really was a good time . I was able to keep up with Charlie Bear some , he can dance. I thought he was just talking as boys will do but no the boy can dance.

I got to practice my ATS moves . It was very cool Gina would be proud. They played the Beastie Boys oh hell yes that was fun. I had most of the center of a wood floor, where your feet just glide . That was my favorite way to dance .Then there was some other song that got a guy in front of me , then a girl or two in front of him . All of us rocking down to the floor ,that's where the beer hit me and the muscle fatigue tried to take over. I didn't think I was coming up from that one and there was his friend taking pictures or video with his phone . I had to pull on the guys jacket , good thing by then everyone had drunk lots and hopefully the flashing of missfortune did not cause anything that a good nights sleep wont heal.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Missed day

So I missed yesterday. Didn't realize what a commitment it would take to blog everyday.
I know what it takes to walk every day, be upright , have clothes on and charge Ipod. There is weather to take the dog or not. Oh wait when the kids are up that's three dogs . One of which put me on my ass in the front yard just trying to get to the walk. That was Carlos, Charlie Bears new dog. A puppy from a mean bitch he had and her lover , a sweet dog named Buddy , whom got hit by a car. Sad . The bitch had to be terminated cause she bit the end of a woman's finger off . The woman was encroaching on the dogs puppies. All the dogs being here made New Years eventful.

We had knit nite tonight at Denny's with a waitress that just plan annoys me. Ryan works on Wednesday there and also at Cracker Barrel. We can't have knit nite at Cracker Barrel cause the lighting sucks.
I am working on a hat out of sock yarn , that I started 1/13/10 . I found it in my UFO bag. I have 17 !

A friend just gave me a lovely wood coffee table , that fits the new the living room is perfectly.

I had nachos and pancake puppies . Nope I did not drink any water today that was not color or altered by leaves and sugar . shame on me. guess i know my drink of choice tomorrow. YOU got it Margaritas from La Panaro !!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I am trying so hard to be happy with life. I keep feeling like if I get a few key things(people) in place all would be great . At least until I got back on the weight scale at work. All in all though I have it made. running water , electricity a paid for car and legs that work like I want them too . My friend Michelle , well her dad is not so lucky. I guess his hard living has taken its toll . He had knee surgery not too long ago , maybe a week. A few good days in rehab then bam , like spicy sauce hitting your ass as it leaves you , his leg was bad. He has to have it amputated . Tomorrow if it hasn't already been done tonight. I don't know what words to tell my friend except that I'm here for her.

On the knitting front , I have started the spiral shawl out of Victorian Lace book. It was a KAL among some friends , last year ! dropped in Jan into a very cute project bag and promptly forgotten and a hat out of a Vogue magazine . I copied the chart but not the date of magazine or what they called the hat . At least I wrote down the last row I did.

It's time to put this day to bed.

knit ya later

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year

Its a new year . Time to get to the root of my life. Kristen is moving to her dads. My husband is , well he is the same as he was last year. I still struggle with what I don't like about him and wonder if this is the year I leave him.

Knitting projects as in UFO's . they are only 16 . I would like to get them done or frogged before the year is up. I feel like I knit very slow.

Sewing - I hope to get lots of bags sewn. I like the name beetle bag. I would love to make and sell them but I don't like the idea of doing the same bag over and over again.

Job I want to find out what it takes to finally get certified as a surgical tech, get a phlebotomy certificate and redo the CNA class ; so I can do some home health cases.

My medical bills got paid off last year , now to concentrate on credit cards and paying dad back and putting a spinning wheel on layaway .

Walking , water and work will be done daily, at least 44 oz daily and I will be on time . Even on the days I get paid, which I have been late cause I pay bills on pay day. Not no more though.

I will also value my time more.