Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year

Its a new year . Time to get to the root of my life. Kristen is moving to her dads. My husband is , well he is the same as he was last year. I still struggle with what I don't like about him and wonder if this is the year I leave him.

Knitting projects as in UFO's . they are only 16 . I would like to get them done or frogged before the year is up. I feel like I knit very slow.

Sewing - I hope to get lots of bags sewn. I like the name beetle bag. I would love to make and sell them but I don't like the idea of doing the same bag over and over again.

Job I want to find out what it takes to finally get certified as a surgical tech, get a phlebotomy certificate and redo the CNA class ; so I can do some home health cases.

My medical bills got paid off last year , now to concentrate on credit cards and paying dad back and putting a spinning wheel on layaway .

Walking , water and work will be done daily, at least 44 oz daily and I will be on time . Even on the days I get paid, which I have been late cause I pay bills on pay day. Not no more though.

I will also value my time more.

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