Sunday, June 29, 2008


Chris and I went to Hanks in Gainsville. A very fun yarn store that is open on Sunday , which makes today funday insted. We were out there longer then I thought we would be but I had no deadline to be home and meme made dinner that I could take home to Kristen.

The knitting tip I learned today : Keeping your bead up ! When using a crotchet hook to put on a bead ; do you knit stitch , take stitch off right needle put bead on then put back on right needle. Bead will stay upright and on right side. (good to know for those limpy beads or those that lean the wrong way )

I had to have help with my increase on the February sweater. Chris frogged to the basic row , did up to row 7 then looked at where my marker was at least 21 times , till I felt I was doin it right. I'm tired but not enough to drag my butt to bed , no I'm gonna listen to a story on cd for a bit of knitting time.

knit ya later

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Thats what it should be called with all the food I ate today. Vanillas is a cupcake place with yummy cupcakes . Like eating tator tots in public , eating cupcakes will soon be common place. I want to make a cupcake cake for fourth of July . I am thinking sour cream but red and blue, with fruit and chris's crack in the middle. mmmm yummy.
I will have to figure out how to get pictures on here by then , cause my camera has fireworks adjustment on it !

I have finally found the petrolium jelly , can ya guess what I did with it ?
Come back tomorrow , same bat time , same bat place for the answer.

Friday, June 27, 2008

sex in the city

Anyone who has seen the hbo show will enjoy the movie !
I have been keeping up with my walking 5miles a day for hmm a week . Well not missing a day , even when Dale was home. Almost as good on my 100 oz of water .

I finished my first read book , Sleep No More , Greg Ilese . ( I gave the book away today , I know the title but am spelling the last name wrong.)

3/4 of the way finished with the cable down the front tank top. lvoe lvoe lvoe this cotton yarn. Oh to have bills paid to get more !

must go walk only 1 mile tonight , did 4 at work .

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

jury duty

I had jury duty yesterday.I did not get picked, i'm sure it's cause my husband is a truck driver ! The whole process is kinda interesting , there is a set of stairs used only by the judges. Go ahead ask me how I know that ? After getting to the fifth floor , finding the door locked and me out of breath , I tried every door below till the 2 floor opened up . All total my jury day turned into almost three miles of walking ; between the stairs and the walk to the free parking . Free just donate your fat cells or produce enough sweat to cool off the air around you . Can ya guess what else I had to wait for ? One clue - it seats lots of people, runs on desiel and gave Ralph Cramdon something to drive. After waiting a half hour for free ride, I decided to join two other jurors, they got picked, to walk to our cars.
Just as we approached the parking lot the bus pulled in. Needless to say the dogs did not get walked yesterday.

Today I went to the beach with Kim, no waves so i did not loose my top boggie boarding. We saw the dolphin and many big jelly fish and some that looked like clear hockey pucks . I brought a small crab home , a couple pieces of coral and some water plants . Not sure if they are alive but Dale is not home to scold me for being so adventureus to think I could add stuff to the salt water tank not from the pet store!

I have half the cable top done . I did not get to knit in public in St. Augustine but did knit in GA on Kings Bay Submarine base before Leadership graduation . I am so proud of Kristen she now has a silver rope of honor to add to her uniform.
(not sure what is means but it looks cool)

movies : The Happening , in theaters , okay , can wait to watch on dvd .
The Eye , very cool horror movie .
Witless Protection , funny for the Larry the cable guy fans.

music : Kings of Leon

knit ya later

Friday, June 6, 2008


Dam it . I got a very cool picture from my mom of Charles , Tyler and I - I can not seem to find it in my pictures to post.

I will try again tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


It is too early in the morning for real words. So I am gonna just ramble. I got the depositions yesterday that my ex husband and brother in law gave . The misconception of why I am doing this whole thing in my ex's eyes is amazing. For him to think doctors put me up to this , suing the estate to me being angry at him over the divorce is just so wrong. Oh and get this , he sees my getting gas money from him , for meeting him in Daytona as blackmail ! Well I guess we all know how future visits will be handled .

time for work . will vent more later . Oh wedding went well. I was so well behaved .

Sunday, June 1, 2008

sunday part 1

I am in Lake Wales at River Ranch for my sons wedding. I know when I get home I have to put the pictures on this . Last night I was so well behaved, It's so odd to dance with people you don't know but know they know somebody in your new family . Oh and lets not forget my ex husband and his wife. I has not been wierd at all though ,even before I started enjoying the three olives pomagrante vodka. Yum , with tea very good , no headache.

I am knitting with Louisa Harding Nautical Cotton ,this is the yummiest cotton I have ever had the pleasure of feeling . I am so hooked on it. I am determined to do a real sweater out of it , that comes from a Louisa Harding book .

My knitting is feeling neglected, so off I go.