Sunday, June 29, 2008


Chris and I went to Hanks in Gainsville. A very fun yarn store that is open on Sunday , which makes today funday insted. We were out there longer then I thought we would be but I had no deadline to be home and meme made dinner that I could take home to Kristen.

The knitting tip I learned today : Keeping your bead up ! When using a crotchet hook to put on a bead ; do you knit stitch , take stitch off right needle put bead on then put back on right needle. Bead will stay upright and on right side. (good to know for those limpy beads or those that lean the wrong way )

I had to have help with my increase on the February sweater. Chris frogged to the basic row , did up to row 7 then looked at where my marker was at least 21 times , till I felt I was doin it right. I'm tired but not enough to drag my butt to bed , no I'm gonna listen to a story on cd for a bit of knitting time.

knit ya later

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