Sunday, July 13, 2008

knit picks

what the hell ? Please someone tell me my husband does not know more baout ordering stuff online then I think he does. Did he some how sabatage my knitpicks account ? We all know what trouble I got into last year with my 300 and some odd amount of order from them . It was our anniversary , lord knows I've gottten enough fishing stuff or hunting stuff I needed over the past few years!!

I tried at least 6 times to order from knitpicks . Only to keep getting your stash is empty . I just left a message for them. I wonder if Kelly will use my call as a future podcast topic?

I talked to Tyler today , at least being in jail has him reading. That I am thankfull for . Ofcourse I started crying once the phone call was almost done. He has read a Dean Kootz , Nicholas shit can't think of his name , The Loop was what the title was and wants to read the Towers by Stephen King. He sounded so good. I really hope he will give my other dad , David , a chance at working for him and living in South Carolina . At least working for David he will be treated with respect and fed well.

He will be home soon . I miss him so much.

knit ya later

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