Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I am trying so hard to be happy with life. I keep feeling like if I get a few key things(people) in place all would be great . At least until I got back on the weight scale at work. All in all though I have it made. running water , electricity a paid for car and legs that work like I want them too . My friend Michelle , well her dad is not so lucky. I guess his hard living has taken its toll . He had knee surgery not too long ago , maybe a week. A few good days in rehab then bam , like spicy sauce hitting your ass as it leaves you , his leg was bad. He has to have it amputated . Tomorrow if it hasn't already been done tonight. I don't know what words to tell my friend except that I'm here for her.

On the knitting front , I have started the spiral shawl out of Victorian Lace book. It was a KAL among some friends , last year ! dropped in Jan into a very cute project bag and promptly forgotten and a hat out of a Vogue magazine . I copied the chart but not the date of magazine or what they called the hat . At least I wrote down the last row I did.

It's time to put this day to bed.

knit ya later

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