Wednesday, May 21, 2008


does life ever turn out like you think it will ? Do you convince yourself the decisions you make are the right ones for your ego ? Where is that manual on raising kids , dealing with exhusbands and understanding molestation ?
Oh lets not forget the pot smoking . Not me mind you , my son. He can not seem to stop long enough to pass a pee test . So there is a warrent out for his arrest . He might miss his brothers wedding , and his own high school graduation. What a shame. Work ethic was something I thought surely my exhusband could pass onto his kids without fail. Well that didn't go over so well, as my son just got fired from working with his uncle, then his car got a bent rim and his cell phone went into a bucket of water!

Meanwhile the one time I am hoping Dale will be driving all nite , he is not. So here I sit at the computer telling my woes.

knit ya later

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Lynn said...

Look forward to Friday...friends, movie and icecream will make it all better:)