Friday, May 9, 2008


What a day. I had an awsome day at work. It was very busy , I did so much by myself, lab , patient prep and patient recovery. Oh lets not forget the girl that need a total of 5 IV pushes and had two valuim on board !! A half hour of holding legs in place. I am gonna be sore tomorrow, no doubt about that.

Nice to come to home to a clean kitchen, wish I could have done it but Kristen did. Not for me mind you but for Dale . He is planning on being home tomorrow. Big thrill that ought to be.

Movie nite was in St. Augustine at the ampitheater. The chairs are just big enough ,with enough leg room that your knees are not in your chest but close.
We watched the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It still brings a few tears to my eyes!

My possum died today. I gave it a few days of peace before sumbcoming to the ground . At least I kept it from the ants before it took it's last breath.

I am so ready for bed. I didn't get to knit at all today. Must make up that this weekend.

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