Saturday, May 3, 2008


Hello all , I've so much to say to so many people but not enough brain cells to remember who all of ya are. So here goes a blog of my thoughts random as the confetti thrown at a birthday party.The first is hmm well that thought is gone so we will go onto a confession and an haha moment. My raw silk top back is not the right size , but insted of ripping it all out , I will just start over with knitted part and undo it as I knit. I'm sure this is a tip out of an EZ book but since I have not read through all her books I have , I get the credit for this.The top is from Lacy Little Knits , Iris Schreier,Diagonal Lace Shell.Done in a raw silk from Yarn Girls , Discounted Brand Name Yarn.
I have a form to use for the dress for Charles' wedding in June. Since the wieght I would love to lose is most likely not gonna get lost , i'm gonna get started on it in a size that is a number not to be reveled! The dress is from a Simplicity pattern 3785 . Since I got the shoes and purse from TJMaxx today , I am eager to get the dress made, also I don't want to wait till the last minute.
I don't have any good sales to report on but would suggest you check out your local big lots , never know what they may have at a price you want.


lej619 said...

well Carrie it looks like am the first to read your blog. congrats on getting it up and going. I don't know if I have the guts to do one. Good luck with it and will look forward on read more.

Lynn said...

Good to see that you finally took the leap.
Wonderful picture!!