Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Okay so I just looked to see how to post pictures, I need numbers . There are hmm maybe a hundred okay so fifty pictures already from my new camera but I'm not looking at everyone now . The wine I had during our movie , Rambo 4 , is begaining to affect brain to finger coordination. And no I am not ebaying, but I did go to discounted yarns then grab a bunch of patterns to see what goes bulky . I came up with a filrty skirt . Just up my alley. I can hear someone saying " whatcha gonna wear under it ? " At least I don't have to be concerned weather I wear a bra or not ! Hey it's cold, i've got on a sweater . It calls for bulky yarn and thick and thin yarn. I have so really cool think and thin, I am hoping the colours are somewhat cooridinating to what I have. Whew too many words.

It amazes me how good a man can look , with what ? A personal trainer , awsome healthy food and a big pay check. Any steriods in the mix or the other kind of bulking stuff men take? Nice too look at but sleeping next to all that hard muscle would get old . Maybe after a few hundred nites .......

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Jasmin said...

That's exactly how I feel about Harrison Ford in the new Indiana Jones movie. Sans the steroids, of course.