Sunday, May 4, 2008

lazy sunday

It was a lazy day here . I did work on my diagonal shell, even took it with me on my walk of two of the dogs. Kristen kept teasing me , saying I was gonna fall. Good thing it is not wool , I would have felted it before my mile was up! I slept in my tent , in the back yard last night . I almost woke Kristen up to put it together . I must have spent 20 minutes on trying to get the poles to stay put and bend the way they should. I lvoe the sounds of the night creatures , minus the road noise. I wish I could put into words the sound I heard of some critter. It was so odd, a noise I'd never heard before. My back was a little stiff but didn't stay that way once I was up having coffee.
I have lowered my walking step goal to 5,000 and 7,000 feet from 10,000. I was hurting my left tendon in my foot. I figure in a month or so I can go for the 10 at least one day a week. No weight loss but my thighs are getting firmer. I have to work on the elbow issue before I can even complain about fat not moving out.
Saw the movie Savages , last night. It is a modern look at a brother and sister dealing with an aging dad. It was pretty acurate and had a good ending.
The dog gets wheels to run with .
Listened to Blue Dahlia , Nora Roberts , good but we have the abridged versions of the trilogy . We just put in request to Library Friend for the unabridged versions. I just hate knowing i'm missing parts of a story.
knit ya later

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Robbie said...

ummm... when telling about good movies you have seen... maybe telling the ending isn't a good idea? :-)