Monday, November 3, 2008

F%$*ing frogging

Why yes officer I have been frogging for the past hour !
I am doing Abrazo , from knitty. The simplest vest known to the knit kingdom .
But no can I get it right ? Somehow I got to 10inches when I only needed 8 but I was okay with that . The few extra inches might cover or keep me from having muffin top. But not having the cable go up as it should thats another story.
Somehow I fell off the cable wagon. So much for my enjoying Dale driving Tyler and I to Daytona and me happly not cleaning house but knitting in the back seat .
Did you know there is a Kholes next door to Publix at the 7-eleven exit we meet at to have Kristen go to her dads? Well there is and I got to shop.
Jeans size , are ya ready ? 16 not the for so long 18 ! wha hoo for me.
And a skirt , large not extra which has been the norm for too long. The walking is paying off.

I still have more frogging to do but am a little bit happier now that I have blogged. Chris Fiber asked me when I was gonna blog again. Well here I am.
This is gonna be on my list of every day things Ihave to do . I have decided all the have to do's are not gonna just be work some , in fact many are gonna be fun have to's on a daily basis.

10 days till my birthday.

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