Wednesday, November 5, 2008

life without Harley

Kristen is out with friends from school , they are all at the fair. I just got up from watching Hell Ride , a Q. T. film (i can't spell his name but I'm sure you can figure it out)
I went to check the door is unlocked, tears are so close to falling down my face. Harley died the day before Chris Fiber and I left for our first trip to SAFF. Harley in case you don't know was our black and white cat that I brought home one time when Dale was off in Penn for his nieces wedding. He was a very cool independent cat. Living inside and out of the house. I miss him coming to the door in the morning to come in or at night to be let out. I just plain miss him. I have friends now that can come over cause he is not here but will they ? Are they the kind to visit me ? Will they be a big enough part of my life to not get new furry love ? Or will wool fiber be my new love? with unnatural colours and shine that it didn't have when it was on foot .

I want to write everyday , walk the dogs , work diligently at my job ,yoga , keep my house straight and let loose the creative energies I have inside. The sacred six .

My birthday is coming up . My own personal new year. My chance to get it right.

I miss you Harley .

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