Sunday, April 25, 2010


Today is a cloudy day . Rain sure to come . The back yard is actually not in need of mowing but there are several holes to fill . Later I get to go to my first Roller Derby event. It is Spencer's bachlorette party. Knit Kim and I have a few surprises for her . I'll post the sayings tomorrow. I can't post any pictures , the Gateway computer I have can only update to service pack two with windows. Somehow I downloaded a counterfeit update ! It's not my fault someone put out there xp pro !
Funny how you start to expect all your keyboards to have the same features , like holding the key down and expecting it to go capital , like it does on your phone.
It is time for that second cup of coffee , so days just start out that way. Pandora is so awesome.
Kimber gave me my socks yesterday , they are so lovely. Well I'm off to figure out what to where with my special t-shirt ! I would love to have running shorts with the white boarder and stripe knee high socks but I can't find Fergie's phone number !

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