Friday, August 22, 2008

Weather or not

Fay has inspired me to sew. I am going to make some clear bags in her honor . They will be Fay the warning , Fay the storm and Fay the aftermath! Funny how weather can have one be creative.

I have spent all day at a friends house , in her kitchen no less. Well i did get to watch some cable tv, saw MASH with Patric Swayze and a show on how pianos are made , 3-D puzzles too. She is getting food ready for a wedding in GA tomorrow. Since the weather is so yukky , I am not going .
Kristen is going stir crazy being in the house for the past three days but she does not want ot get stuck elsewhere either.

I am so close to having the sock done. I am itching to start the sweater project out of interweave press magazine and another pair of socks. It has been a few years since I attempted socks , I am so much better at it.

knit ya later Fay .

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Carmen said...

Finish that sock first...although I can understand why you might want to start the sweater! The socks will thank you.