Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I am so thrilled I have a computer again. Jessica , a mom from our Tuesday group donated her ex-husband computer to my needs. Her name is now Betty. My friends all name their spinning wheels , so i'm practicing.

Tyler is doing okay . He is into week two after falling from a tree and breaking , crushing his ankles.

Chantel is up to 23 weeks and Charles looks good.

Kristen finally seems to be feeling well. She has had some lingering something since December . The alkasetzer for cold stuff seems to have knocked what ever it was out of her system. We are looking for Military ball dress. I didn'tget to help much , my back muscles this morning screamed at me of their existance. When I walked into work , I felt like scaffolding in the wind. As I type this I feel the need to be back on the heating pad.

Ipod is all updated .

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