Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I have a project finished. This is me talking ! Imagine that . Jeffery took the picture. It is the top for Kristen's graduation . Now to figure out what to cover my ass with .
It is the second day of June. I have a whole list of what I want to get done this month.
Blog daily
water 100 oz at least
read the Secret at 5 pages a day
being on time to work is ongoing but not at the top of the list.
keep the house decluttered. It rubs me to have someone notice how clean my computer desk is. Not that i don't like it , I do but it is boring but will be easy to dust and Dale might notice and smile about it . That it is his desire to have an uncluttered house that had me do it . Oh and that I got a new computer ! I have very good friends , they see so much good in me and point it out . I need that since my husband is oh so good at pointing out the bad.

Putting beads on yarn first depends on how strong your yarn is. The top is made from cotton so it could handle 30 beads or so at a time being pulled along.

Time to finish something or start something new. KIP is coming up . I kinda want something new for it. I have a simple knit top that I will start the swatch on today. Yes I swatch.

knit ya later

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