Thursday, January 6, 2011

Missed day

So I missed yesterday. Didn't realize what a commitment it would take to blog everyday.
I know what it takes to walk every day, be upright , have clothes on and charge Ipod. There is weather to take the dog or not. Oh wait when the kids are up that's three dogs . One of which put me on my ass in the front yard just trying to get to the walk. That was Carlos, Charlie Bears new dog. A puppy from a mean bitch he had and her lover , a sweet dog named Buddy , whom got hit by a car. Sad . The bitch had to be terminated cause she bit the end of a woman's finger off . The woman was encroaching on the dogs puppies. All the dogs being here made New Years eventful.

We had knit nite tonight at Denny's with a waitress that just plan annoys me. Ryan works on Wednesday there and also at Cracker Barrel. We can't have knit nite at Cracker Barrel cause the lighting sucks.
I am working on a hat out of sock yarn , that I started 1/13/10 . I found it in my UFO bag. I have 17 !

A friend just gave me a lovely wood coffee table , that fits the new the living room is perfectly.

I had nachos and pancake puppies . Nope I did not drink any water today that was not color or altered by leaves and sugar . shame on me. guess i know my drink of choice tomorrow. YOU got it Margaritas from La Panaro !!!